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If you’re here, you might be curious about essential oils. Maybe you even have some bottles rolling around, but you have questions. Don’t worry, I did too when I started using these pure drops of magic.

I’m Amy Godwin.

I founded Essentialtopia because oils + education are the best recipe for family health empowerment!

In fact, oil education is 100% required if you’re going to unlock the benefits nature has in store for you and yours.

It can seem overwhelming to navigate oil info on your own. That’s totally normal! Sometimes it’s best to jump right in and we can show you how.

But before you use oils, you should know…

      • Which oils you need
      • The 3 different ways to use oils
      • How to use them safely
      • How much oil to use each time

That’s why you’ll find all this and more in our Essential Oils Made Easy Course.  This free course will give you the confidence to use natural solutions for everything from scraped knees to upset tummies. You’ll be the hero of your household!

It all starts here...

Essential Oils Made Easy Course