The Essentialtopia mission is to EDUCATE and EMPOWER you to manage

your family’s wellness PROACTIVELY and NATURALLY using essential oils.

From My Family to Yours

My journey with oils started when I was given a starter set for Christmas. I thought I would use them in this diffuser thing-a-majig and it would make my house smell good. You could say I had zero expectations.

But soon my family and I felt the benefits of essential oils.

Things like…

→   More restful sleep
→   Better digestion
→   Ache and pain relief
→   Less stress
→   Improved immunity
→   Easier breathing

When I realized we were getting all these benefits without chemicals, preservatives or toxins, I was intrigued and inspired. I learned all I could and started sharing the mysterious power of oils with others. Soon a community formed and educators emerged. 

Now I can share this passionate community of educators with you! Please take a moment to read about the Essentialtopia Educators.  They make the difference in just getting oils from somewhere or getting empowered to care for yourself and your family.

Wishing wellness for you and your family!

Meet the Essentialtopia Educators

Amy Godwin

Oil Mama + Obsessive Creative + Loves Words + Needs Ice Cream

Specializes in empowering the healer in the home to be ready when the family calls! Loves studying the science and chemistry of essential oils.

Favorite Oil: Balance (Grounding Blend)

Linda Moyer

Retired Nurse + Breast Cancer Survivor + Grandma + Marriage Mentor

Loves supporting her family with essential oils. Specializes in pain management and foundational health!

Favorite Oil: Frankincense

Valerie Sorensen

Financial Planner + Dog Mama + Rotarian + Travel Enthusiast

Specializes in planning, whether it's to achieve financial success or health goals!

Favorite Oil: Peppermint

Lynne & Diane

Lynne Moeller

Animal Advocacy Volunteer + Shelter Dog Superhero + California Girl + Dog Oiler

Loves entertaining and sharing oil information with others to care for both people and pets!

Favorite Oil: Lemongrass

Diane Sovar

RN + Hospice Animal Foster + Fierce Mama + Dog Oiler

Specializes in finding ways to help the most difficult animal health and behavior issues.  Loves using oils to keep the peace with her pack!

Favorite Oil: Copaiba

Dena Bell

Creative + Traveler + Heart of Gold

Loves hospitality and curating oil information for others from her stacks of reference and research!

Favorite Oil: Wild Orange


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