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dōTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program earns you points on your purchases that you can cash in on free essential oils!  Similar to a frequent flyer miles program, but with oils, cleaning supplies, body wash and diffusers. Finally, we can get rewarded for cleaning the house and showering!

Loyalty Rewards Program 101

Also known as LRP, this rewards program allows you to customize your monthly order that will automatically ship to you each month on the date you choose.  This is the absolute least expensive way to get your Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils.Customize your loyalty rewards program orderA dōTERRA wholesale membership already gives you a 25% buying discount over retail.  Participating in the optional Loyalty Rewards Program earns you points back on your purchases and your shipping costs, that you can cash in later to get free dō products!  Yay, free laundry detergent = more money for my oil habit!


Earning Points

It’s helpful to understand that all dōTERRA products have a PV (product value) assigned.  Price and PV are often the same, but not for all products. For example, Rose Touch has a product value of 65 PV, but a wholesale price of $70.

LRP orders over 50 PV earn 10-30% back in points on the total PV of the order.  The percentage back increases the longer you participate in the program.

You are not required to order 50 PV each month though!  The minimum monthly PV to remain in the program is 1 PV, so as long as you just order one item each month, you stay in the program!

In this image, any month in which you order 50 PV or more, counts as a month at that level of 10% back, 15% back, etc.  After you order 50 PV or more 3 times, you advance to the next higher percentage back level.  The system will show you the PV you are earning on each order as you enter it.  Don’t worry, they won’t make you math!

Earn more the longer you participate in the program

If you don’t want to order 50 PV, no problem!  Ordering just one item will hold your percentage position and keep your points.  If you don’t want to place an order that month, you can cancel out of the LRP program up until the day before your scheduled ship date.  Just be sure to cash in your points before you do, so you don’t lose them.  If you decide to participate later, you can always join again, but you will start over at 10% back.  Some people appreciate the ability to just order one inexpensive item in a month where they need to redirect their funds.

I have been in the Loyalty Rewards Program for quite some time now, so I get 30% back on every order!  When I order 100 PV, I get 30 points credited to my account!  That’s like getting a free bottle of dōTERRA Breathe and Lemon every month!

Earn Free doTERRA Oils

Points are credited to your account around the 15th of the following month, for the PV sum of all of your LRP orders that month.  You also get points back to cover your shipping costs!

Check out this quick video for more info!

Product of the Month

 Any month that you process a 125+ PV order, on or before the 15th of the month, you will receive the free Product of the Month!

It is different every month, but is usually a bottle of oil!

This is a just a bonus that they will add in to your order when you qualify.  You are not obligated in any way to participate each month.  Just an added LRP perk!

Redeeming Points

Your points will credit around the 15th of the following month.  So you get your points for your January orders around February 15th.

Once you have edited your LRP order to include the items you want that month, you can apply points to the items using the drop down menus next to each item and choosing Ship Now.  You won’t be able to save the items in the cart with the points applied.  You will ship the items you apply points to, right away.

There is a $3 service charge for cashing points, so I like to save up my points and cash in a bunch at once.

Canceling the LRP

To remain in the program and keep your points and percentage back, you just need to order one item each month.  However, you can cancel out of the program at any time.  Just call dōTERRA at 800-411-8151 or login and click the Online Chat button.  They will help you by making sure your points are cashed in and get it cancelled for you.  Easy peasy. They really do have the best customer service!

dōTERRA Terms and Conditions

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