Super powers? Yes, please! Oh, and coffee…definitely coffee!

My daughter’s favorite outdoor recipe… two minutes of playing, a skinned knee, lots of tears and a dash of drama. Luckily, we can save the play date with our natural “owie spray”, band-aids, kisses and our calming rollerball blend.

Upset tummy? We can handle that too, with our Belly blend of essential oils! Works like a charm. Seriously, this stuff is some kind of crazy hocus pocus…and we couldn’t possibly love it more! Little Miss Independent has to do it herself and roll a circle around her belly button (with a quick Mama retrieval, before she decides to circle everything in sight with it).

Ugh, the note from daycare…

Another child in the Bear Room has tested positive for… fill-in-the-blank with whichever nasty bug of the week.

Not to worry though, we’ve got this too!

Time to bust out our immune boosting oils to roll on EVERYONE and diffuse in the house. We even use those same oils to make our own natural hand cleanser spray! All the while, we are supporting their little body systems and I don’t have to worry about increasing their toxic loads by relying on harmful chemicals.

The more I learned about how oils can work through skin absorption, the more I started questioning what we were putting on our skin! All of these little changes we have made in our household have added up to much better health for our family! #mamawin #oilsboostmommypower

Grab your guide to 7 Ways to Boost your Mommy Power with Essential Oils, with a bonus section on essential oil safety!

Amy Godwin
Amy Godwin

Amy Godwin teaches families to manage their health and wellness by empowering them with essential oils and other natural solutions. Click Here To Learn More

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