Ready, Set...Roll!

Many recipes and DIY projects will require bottles, tin, sprays, carrier oils or salts.  I've listed some of my favorites here, with links to help you find them easily.

Please note: Some of the items below have my affiliate link attached.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.  

This is the oil accessory mecca!  Here you can find most any supply you need for your oil projects, including bottles, sprays, carrier oils, labels, cases, inhalers and books.  They even have a fun blog with a DIY section!  They usually are running a special offer to get shipping free if you spend a certain amount.  This is why it is good to oil with friends, so you can combine orders!  Additionally, you can use this code AGODWIN5 to get $5 off $25 or more.

This is another major oil accessory retailer.  You will find they carry many similar items as Oil Life does, and also have various free shipping offers when you order a certain amount.  There are some items available at AromaTools, but not at Oil Life and vice versa.  They will both have the basic supplies.  I make my ordering decision based on current sales, shipping specials, or which one carries a specific item I might need.

Mostly because Prime makes it so easy!  I have purchased bottles, labels, inhalers and books from Amazon.  This is a great option when you just need to get a few bottles, just be sure to read the reviews first.  You might find dōTERRA oils available on Amazon, but do not be fooled.  It is so easy to tamper with bottles and I only purchase my oils straight from the source!  (Honestly, with the rewards program, it's cheaper with dōTERRA anyway!)

This is new!  dōTERRA recently started offering bottles, sprays, pumps, sample drams and other DIY accessories that you can add right to your wholesale order.  When you order through the rewards program, you can even earn points back on your shipping that you can cash in on free oils later!  (Free oils using points?  Yes, please!)