Nope, not mad libs.  Not even the more recent version of that where you push the middle button on your phone for the suggested next word.  Is there a name for that?  I digress… Dang, I haven’t even started yet.  Houston! 

Anywho, here’s how this happened…

For years I have loved dropping a few drops of essential oils into the bottom of the shower floor, just outside of the water and letting it fill the shower with aromatic steam.  But sadly, it doesn’t always last the whole shower.

Recently, I had to learn to make fizzy bath bombs for an event, because I got all excited about having a demo on bath bombs, before I ever even knew how to do it.  Yep, this is what I do.  Turns out, making bath bombs took more attempts than I’d like to admit, over several days, before I found the perfect combination of recipes and tricks.  More on that later.  However, I did quickly learn that fizzy bath bombs were not my favorite kind of F-bombs.  Sorry, Mom. 

At one point as I sat amidst the ruins of failed fizzy bath bombs blobs, I decided I needed a PLAN B, stat!

That’s when I found these divine little shower melts!  This was a DIY I could love…easy, awesome, and a little more useful for me anyway.  The recipes I initially found added the essential oils as you made the shower melts.  Let me clarify…A LOT OF ESSENTIAL OIL!  One recipe called for 80 drops of oil in the mixture, which yielded me about 12 shower melts.  So that’s 5-7 drops per shower, which isn’t much more that I use now with 3-5 drops, but its all the same scent!  Every shower…same.  Bah. Where’s the fun in that?  Some days are Wild Orange days and some days are Eucalyptus and Lime days! 

Instead…I’ve been making shower melt blanks!  And, they are adorbs.  See?

Shower Melt

Yep, I’m getting my DIY on, without adding any oils.  No, I haven’t lost my mind.  Well, I guess we could debate that one, but…this way is working even better!

I’m making the cute little shower melts without oils, then dropping the oils on the little empty scentless crusty starbursts right before I shower!  The melts are helping the oils hang around throughout the shower.  How did I not know about this sooner?  Pinterest…you were failing me! I thought we were friends?

This is the recipe that worked best for me.  Mix together:

1c baking soda

½ c Epsom or sea salt

Approximately 2 tsp of water

The water isn’t quite as straight-forward, but is pretty forgiving.  You basically want to get it wet so that it sticks together.  The amount of water needed can vary on humidity and also your preference.  After you mix in some water, squeeze some of the mixture in your hand.  You want it to mostly hold the shape.  A few bits might fall off the ends, but that’s ok.  As long as it doesn’t all crumble away, I’d go with it.  Like I said, it is pretty forgiving.  I can’t say the same for those finicky fizzy bath bombs! 

The more water you use, the soupier it will be.  A wet mixture will form a more solid shower melt.  Which holds its form better and makes a very pretty shape, but gets so solid that it might not dissolve all the way in one shower.  The less water you use, the more crumbly it will be.  Too little water and they won’t hold together when you release them from the mold.  They will also be more likely to crumble as they bump into each other in the container they live in before they meet the shower.

All mixed up?  Great!

Pro Tip!   Before you press your mixture masterpiece into the silicone mold, add several granules of your salt to mold cavities.  This will make releasing the shower melts from the molds so much easier!  Yuck, that sounds so gross…mold cavities.

Press your mixture into the molds over the salt and freeze for 1 hour, then pop them out and let them dry on a flat surface.  A cookie sheet worked great!  They will need to dry for a couple of days before you package them up.  If they aren’t dry all the way before they are sealed, they will all get soggy.

I used a 24 cavity Wilton Daisy silicone mold, which will hold the recipe above doubled.  I was calling them sunbursts for too long before I discovered they are daisies. Oh, well. I’m sticking with it. I used a little soap colorant for fun, but did find it best to stick to just a couple drops per recipe.  When I used more to get a deeper hue, it left a pink mark on my shower floor for a few days.

Another fun option is to just add the drops of colorant to the salt and mix it up, to color the salt.  This made very pretty speckled shower melts.  I had better luck with the salt keeping the colorant to itself if I let it soak in for a while before I mixed it up with the shower melt mixture.  I did learn that if you use red & green salt in a Christmas Tree shaped mold, they look like Little Debbie Snack Cakes.  Oops.

Package up your cute little, dry, crusty shower melts into a glass jar with a ribbon and you have a perfect handmade gift to pair up with essential oils to give your family and friends a spa-like shower experience with aromatherapy benefits!

These are a few of my favorite oils to add to my shower melts:

Clary Sage & Wild Orange

Breathe & Lemon

Lemon, Lavender & Peppermint

Lavender or Serenity

Wild Orange & Peppermint

Gift Combo Idea…

I’ve found some great decorative glass jars at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and even Dollar Tree that are perfect for holding the shower melts.  Michaels almost always has coupons on their website and Hobby Lobby runs half off sales on glassware often.  Mason jars from the canning section of Target or the grocery store are also economical options that are also trendy now.  Add a ribbon and call it done!

The dōTERRA Intro Kit can be a great option to pair with a beautiful custom crafted jar of shower melts!  It contains 5ml bottles of Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint.  Bonus, all three oils together not only smell heavenly, they offer great support for dealing with seasonal allergens!

dōTERRA Intro Kit











Other great options would be the dōTERRA Spa Kit or the dōTERRA Travel Kit with 5ml bottles of oils that would make great combos for shower melts.  You can even break them up and give a couple of small bottles with a jar of shower melts.

Perfect for teacher gifts!  

doTERRA Travel Kit-Lavender, Wild Orange, Aromatouch and Peppermint . dōTERRA Spa Kit - Balance, Serenity, Citrus Bliss, Deep Blue


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Essential oils are NOT ALL CREATED EQUAL.  Ok, maybe they start out kind of equal, but that doesn’t carry through to the bottling and distributing for 80% of the oils on the market today.  So scary that it is so easy to buy adulterated oils that say they are pure!  This is why we only use dōTERRA oils and trust their published batch testing and quality standards.

Hope you will love melting in the shower too!

Love, hugs, and Eddie Vedder, who serenaded me during this writing session…my 90’s-girl-heart still swoons!

Amy Godwin
Amy Godwin

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