Who will prevail in the battle of the sugar scrub and the reptile skin? 

Every winter, I seem to morph into a creature with reptile skin.  Sorta like a werewolf on a full moon, but annually and for months at a time.  Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but if I don’t moisturize on the regular, I am dusty.  Ick.

So, let me tell you about the sweet relief I found, in a sugar scrub!  Exfoliating, moisturizing,  AND it lasts!  The natural ingredients without added preservatives or harsh chemicals along, with the warm shower opening the pores, really boost the moisturizing power of the sugar scrub.

And, it is so easy to DIY!  Sugar scrub for the win! Good-bye winter reptile skin!

The basic recipe is 2 parts sugar to 1 part oil, mix together.

Yep, easy.  So simple and so good!  The sugar & oil will compress in the jar, so mix up a little more than it seems will actually fit in the jar.

I like to use organic sugar (half brown, half white) and fractionated coconut oil.  You can make it as simple or as fancy as you’d like, by adding colors, essential oils or other skin nutritious ingredients.  Michaels or Hobby Lobby are great places to get various sized bottles or jars and they often have coupons or half off sales.  A pretty glass jar with a ribbon adds a touch of fancy flair to it…perfect for gift giving!


Soap colorant is a great option, as it is less likely to stain skin or the sink if you just use a few drops.  I used this one DecorRom soap colorant from Amazon. Consider the look you are trying to achieve when you choose your ingredients. If you use a yellow oil or brown sugar, it will reflect in the color of the mixture.  If you want snow white for a layered red & white peppermint look, use a clear carrier throughout & white refined sugar.  Brown sugar with green colorant makes a very pretty deep Christmas tree green color.   Try  dōTERRA’s new Yarrow|POM for a blue hue! This is such a wonderful essential oil that is combined with Pomegranate seed oil to make a really skin nutritious blend that helps skin look younger!

Essential Oils

So, you might’ve noticed…I love essential oils and the way I can tuck their health boosting benefits into anything possible!  My sugar scrub is no exception.  Adding high-quality, pure essential oils not only makes it smell amazing, but many oils are great for the skin.  Keep in mind though, you won’t get the therapeutic benefits from synthetic fragrances or cheap essential oils that don’t adhere to high quality standards.  Quality and purity are the main reason we choose dōTERRA.

Check out these other skin nutritious oils…

Frankincense contains anti-oxidants and has cleansing properties.  It also supports the skin’s natural healing process and also supports a healthy inflammation response.  Frankincense is grounding and great for overall emotional well-being.

Sandalwood is great for maintaining skin health and providing relief from various skin issues.  It supports a healthy inflammatory response.  Sandalwood also supports meditation by quieting mental activity.  Emotionally, it can soothe irritation or aggression and encourage acceptance.

Geranium is very supportive of skin health, inflammation response, and various skin issues.  Emotionally calming, it fosters a sense of security and stability. Pairs well with Rose or Lavender.

Rose, this precious oil is very highly regarded for its skin replenishing benefits, and is generally only available in an absolute form.  This puts even more emphasis on the essential oil quality, as an absolute is solvent distilled from the fragile flower petals.  This solvent then has to be separated from the essential oil.  Although trace amounts may remain even in a high quality oil, higher amounts are found more frequently in oils that are not adhering to high quality standards.  Rose is a very expensive oil due to the amount of plant material required (approximately 8,000 roses to produce the approximate 85 drops of oil in a 5ml bottle, and due to the extensive distillation and solvent extraction process.  dōTERRA makes the Rose Touch oil available in a 10ml roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil, which allows them to make it available much more affordably and it works perfectly in the sugar scrub application!  Rose oil contains anti-oxidants and is very supportive of the body’s inflammation response, improves dry skin, skin texture and supports healthy skin regeneration.  Emotionally, Rose can ease shock, grief, feelings of self-doubt, and soothe anger.

Lavender is renowned for its ability to support skin healing due to burns, scratches, bites or other type of damage.  It contains properties that support healthy inflammation response and ease occasional pain, redness, irritation or puffiness.  It is also cleansing!  Physically and emotionally, it calms, soothes, and nurtures.  It can also be very helpful for reducing feelings of anxiousness or fear and for restoring emotional balance.  So many reasons why this oil is a must-have in the oil box!

Clary Sage also supports healthy inflammatory response and is cleansing and gentle for skin.  It has similar emotional calming benefits as Lavender and blends well with Rose, Sandalwood or Wild Orange.

Neroli, from the orange blossom, supports healthy inflammatory response and is cleansing and gentle for skin.  It helps calm nervous tension and soothes the heart.  Great for supporting creativity.  Like Rose, dōTERRA makes Neroli available in a Neroli Touch roller bottle with fractionated coconut oil.

Myrrh supports healthy inflammatory response and is has great skin protecting and regenerating support.  Often used in mediation, it calms the mind and offers tranquility and peace.  Great for those who tend to overthink or get easily distracted.

Patchouli is great for various skin issues such as dryness, scars or cracks.  It supports healthy inflammation response and is moisturizing and cooling to the skin.  It helps to balance an overactive mind and reduce nervous tension.

Vetiver is a thick nutrient rich oil that is great for alleviating skin issues such as dryness. Emotionally, it is grounding and protective.  It is relaxing and encourages a healthy night’s sleep.

Ylang Ylang is often used in skin care products and is a great moisturizing agent when blended with coconut oil.  It is relaxing and encourages pleasure and joyful experiences.

Helichrysum also supports the body’s healthy response to inflammation, swelling and bruising.  It is emotionally balancing and supports healing from emotional trauma.  Encourages creativity and intuition.

Yarrow | POM is dōTERRA’s new Nutritive Duo blend of Yarrow and Pomegranate Seed oil offers powerful antioxidant support, promotes the look of young and healthy skin and helps reduce the appearance of blemishes.  Emotionally, it is calming the mind and body and eases tension.  The chamazulene in this oil blend has a deep blue hue that will tint the sugar a very pretty blue!

Try pairing up a deeper scented wood, root, or resin oil, such as Frankincense, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Patchouli or Vetiver with a floral such as Geranium, Rose, Neroli, Lavender or Ylang Ylang.

Here are a few great combinations to try in your sugar scrub that include a skin nourishing essential oil…

Vetiver & Lavender

Sandalwood & Tangerine

Clary Sage & Wild Orange

Rose & Geranium

Other Skin Nutrients

Vitamin E oil is an anti-aging option that improves fine lines and wrinkles with an antioxidant boost.  Encourages the healthy growth of new skin cells.

Honey slows down the effects of aging, is moisturizing, soothing, and creates a healthy glow.

Ground Coffee helps circulation, adds antioxidants, and additional exfoliating.

Got man-hands?  

You can even mix up a batch for the rough man-hands in the house, with woodsy smelling oils like Sandalwood or Patchouli and adding some Lime.  Just using dōTERRA’s Balance is a great scent for men as well.  Try more course sugar for deeper exfoliating or avocado oil for a more moisturizing scrub.

If you are using the sugar scrub in the shower as a foot scrub or all-over body scrub, please be very mindful of a slippery shower floor and rinse or clean afterward to avoid falling.  Use caution.  Running very hot water after getting out can help to melt away the slippery oils.

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Check out Etsy or Avery WePrint for custom label options.  Black chalkboard stickers and chalk markers with brown craft ribbon are adorable too!

Love, hugs, and all the sweet skin relief you can cram in a little mason jar!

Amy Godwin
Amy Godwin

Amy Godwin teaches families to manage their health and wellness by empowering them with essential oils and other natural solutions. Click Here To Learn More

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